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The Pregnancy

” It seemed like longer than nine months.  She had been moved ‘up North’.  Out of sight of society.  Alone, living with a kind farming family she drew on innate resilience and strength.  Sitting in the lawyer’s office after the birth, after signing her baby over for adoption, she felt […]

The Crimei

“He was a trusted odd job man.  A fireman.  Tall, dark softly spoken.   Her father was working hard building the motel units.  Mother was organising workers.  Both were too busy to notice that their daughter had been lured into the dark tool room at the rear of the property.  There […]


‘ “In the 1957 school photo at age seven she sat in the middle of the front row.  Her legs crossed with simple leather sandals on her feet.  The black and white photo does not show that her dress is made in her favourite colour lavender .  There is a […]