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Poetry No.3


When we reach that place

like the high in the sky

somewhere over the rainbow

we love that space

There becomes a knowing that

everything is going to be ok

that even if its not ok

it can be handled

got through, understood

we can do anything

its all good.

That’s when wonder of wonders

there comes a new stage

the urge to overeat gets buffered, we forget

to slyly in the middle of the night

take that bite

and woohoo we’re out of our cage

the prison we’ve been in

where try as we might we are tossed

and turned with fright

comfort eating like carzy

people think we’re lazy

We’re not lazy

we’re not crazy

we just hadn’t turned on the light

now we have turned on its going to be easy

and the future is bright

Easy as apple pie

easy as sugar is sweet

easy as delicious meals

easy and attractive is no mean feat

easy as this and no cheat

No eating in the middle of the night

no urges to buffer

just the self determination

driven by loving ourselves like no other


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